At Urban Visions, we see commercial development differently. It’s more than a way to make a living — it’s a way to make a lasting impact on the social, cultural and environmental health of urban communities. The principles underlying this vision are sustainable development, smart growth, increased density, and transformational place-making. Our innovative design solutions maximize the human value of cities.

We never stop building the future.

development principles

Seattle skyline showing The Net building






Although we’re firmly rooted in our city’s history, we’re not bound by convention or tied to past successes. Like Seattle itself, we’re constantly anticipating, creating, iterating and innovating.

We wholeheartedly believe in the future of cities — and that what’s good for the environment is also good for business. With a philosophy of “Build Up, Not Out,” we are a pro-density firm, committed to implementing sustainable, high-performance practices into all of our buildings. Ambition without arrogance, creativity with a conscience: Our values create value for investors, owners and users in our community.

what we do



We are passionate about creating successful, impactful real estate investments that change the conversation around responsible development. We fuse inventive ways of working with a stewardship of resources and investment that remains careful and conservative – to create assets that retain their worth and usefulness.

With consistency and conviction, we build better places for all.

team philosophy



Diverse in viewpoints and like-minded in purpose, our collaborative team engages in bold thinking and lively debate; we’re focused on rethinking – the way we do business, the way we shape and support communities, the way we leave an imprint on our city. Our team embeds itself into the fabric of Seattle; we engage with key stakeholders and assume leadership roles in shaping land use and development patterns throughout key neighborhoods within the city. Through both internal discussion and civic engagement, we create better, responsible outcomes.


A Responsibility

Collectively and as individuals we are driven everyday to imagine what the future can mean for us all. We want to inspire others with the potential for unlocking new ideas.

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